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5 Places to Use a Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Get your gear on and be prepared for your next adventure with an essential accessory: the waterproof outdoor blanket. Who doesn't want to enjoy outdoor activities and be protected from the elements? Our Foxy Travel Gear Beach Blanket will provide the best barrier between you and the beach and will come in handy for all of your outings.

Feed Your Soul - Head to the Beach

There’s nothing like lying in the warm sun and enjoying the soothing sounds of the waves and seagulls. If you're looking for a beach blanket that will enhance your experience, you’ll want to consider a durable, moisture proof, heat resistant, stab and tear resistant, waterproof outdoor blanket. 210T Ripstop Polyester is the material that delivers. It is comfortable, non-toxic, skin friendly, lightweight and portable.

You will find it easy to brush away or shake off sand and wipe up spills. Don't worry about windy days; our plastic stakes and sand pockets will keep your mat steady and secure. It’s easy to fold your waterproof outdoor blanket into the drawstring pouch and attach it to your belongings with the carabiner. And it’s machine washable.

Turn your Picnic into a Mini Vacation

Enjoy picnics and outdoor activities? Build a great foundation for your event! Great food, friends and fun are the perfect ingredients for an enjoyable get away. Even if it’s in your own back yard! Be sure to add A Foxy Travel Gear waterproof outdoor blanket to the mix. Use it anywhere you need a dry place to sit or a barrier for prickly or damp grass. Using a picnic table? A waterproof outdoor blanket can easily double as a tablecloth. Sudden showers? Protect yourself and your belongings with your blanket which is actually more waterproof than an umbrella.

Be a Happy Camper

There’s a reason “Happy Camper” is such a well known idiom. When you connect with nature, get plenty of fresh air and physical exercise, cook outdoors and bond with your friends at the campfire, you get happy. It’s a wonderful experience and you can make it even more enjoyable with a waterproof outdoor blanket. It’s just the right thing to use as a ground cover under your tent or a tarp over the entryway. It can also be used as a mat for your front porch. Stake it down around your possessions to keep them secure and to keep moisture out. Use it as a foundation to keep dry while sitting around the campfire.

Stopping for a break while hiking? The waterproof outdoor blanket is there for you. It is so easy to take along. It weighs less than a pound; is only 7.9" x 4.7" when folded into its drawstring waterproof bag and easily attaches to your belongings with the carabiner. And don’t forget to pack all of your gear on top of a Foxy Travel Gear waterproof blanket to protect your vehicle.

The Art of Tailgating

Tailgating is huge! Pre-game sporting festivities are an event in themselves. Nearly 48 million fans attended college football games last year. And that isn’t counting the NFL, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer and the Indy 500!

What could be handier for your tailgate party than a multi-purpose waterproof outdoor blanket? Lightweight and portable it can be used to protect your car’s interior or the bed of your pickup truck, serve as a tablecloth, protect you from a sudden shower or be the perfect waterproof barrier to sit on. And don’t forget - it’s washable.

Concerts, Festivals, Fireworks & Other Outdoor Events

Attending a concert, barbecue or wedding? Hanging out at the fair? Planning on watching the fireworks? Make sure that you keep your waterproof outdoor blanket handy in the car or in your tote so that you always have it for planned or impromptu events. It really is the perfect essential accessory!

OK so maybe I listed more than 5 places to use a waterproof outdoor blanket. But the list goes on! Exercising outdoors? Pulling weeds and need a spot for your toddler to play? Need a handy tarp to transport plants from one spot to another? Use it to protect your carpeting in your car or home. A Foxy Travel Gear waterproof blanket makes a perfect toy mat! Keep one in your car for emergencies. There are so many occasions where your waterproof outdoor blanket will come in handy. Feel free to share your experiences. We love to hear from you.

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1 commentaire

Roger Kennedy
Roger Kennedy
01 sept. 2021

WOW! This blanket has helped so much in my personal flower gardening...light weight, durable, and being waterproof to keep from getting wet during those dew filled mornings. This product allows me the perfect means by which to keep my gardens beautiful!

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